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Corporate Tax Departments frequently are thrown into a challenge when they have a position that needs to be filled.

  • Ultimately, the individuals most qualified to fill the position typically are successfully employed elsewhere and will not even notice, much less respond to a job posting.
  • Tax is also a very “small world”, professionals are hesitant to apply unless they feel comfortable with putting their name out to the company for an opportunity.
  • You may have a certain scope of responsibility or process that can only be executed by someone with a specific skill set that is hard to find.

This is where AG TaxNetwork can help.

We specialize in only the tax profession, we use a precise recruitment system to identify the best talent in the market and deliver a slate of qualified candidates catered for the needs of your tax function.

Whether it’s a small tax department, start-up phase or a Fortune 500 company, we’ll find you tax professionals who have the required experience you need.

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